As a professional art discipline Tabolart aims to promote the development of contemporary art in the Netherlands and abroad. Those who have picked up in addition to their daily lives the love for art, can be inspired and become passionate for a genre. Tabolart aims to support the artists by promoting their work and bring it to the attention of a growing audience.

Pieces, paintings, installations, reproductions, joint creation and more is being offered in exclusive edition or as a unique work. On occasion the work can also be developed and specially created for lobbies, reception areas or exhibited outside on the (business) premises. The personal nature of an artist and the preferences of the buyer do also result in the development of  artwork created from such cooperation. An art piece which arises from the cooperation of an artist and a buyer exhibits an extraordinary result at the buyers own diposal. Profiling and showing its own character and therewith having it in a typical specially-shaped manner for instance to represent the buyers company.

Tabolart offers ready-made pieces for sale or to rent or on a lease basis. In addition, Tabolart aims to frequently initiate commisioned work and network opportunities to bring artists and art interested closer together.

The range of artists we work with varies. For more information about the artists, the artwork or us, please contact Tabolart.